Cardiff Castle Wedding.

Cardiff Castle Wedding.

I had been eagerly waiting for this wedding to arrive for a while now due to the amazing  location. Cardiff Castle is in the heart of the Cardiff city. The Castle is over 2000 years old. The castle holds themed rooms and has loads of character and different locations for photos.

I had the chance to meet with the event organiser for the wedding and he was more than willing to show me around a couple of days before the wedding. I had a tour of the castle where John (event organiser) took me through the plans for the day. The ceremony was at the bottom of the castle in what looks like a old cellar. I was worried about the light in the room, as i felt it was dark. I took a few shots and the light seemed fine without using a flash but I decided to bring a continuous light source with soft box.

 The day of the wedding arrived. Met the bride at the Plaza Hotel for the bridal prep. Straight away my problems started. There was no where to hang the dress!!!! My brain switched on and began working overtime; Curtain rail, no curtains had been built into the wall and window so no rail. shower rail, no it was to low the dress gathered on the floor, cupboard no as it was in the hallway and again built in floor to ceiling. I looked in the hall way, nothing! thought about hanging over a chair but again no. Placed it on the bed, but didn't like it. The only option was to hang it over the picture above the bed.


Brides car arrived so I run over to meet up with my 2nd photographer for the day Sarah Savage, and the groom Neil. I arrived to meet Sarah but no groom. Turns out he was not having a great day. His best man was to ill to attend which left the groom  to pick up button holes and wedding favours.  Bride arrives hides round the back in the car whilst we wait for the groom who arrives runs in and the amazing staff rush into action making he final prep happen within minutes. So we have Groom, we have bride but we don't have the grooms mum, who is now running late due to traffic. The groom heads down to inform his guests whats going on, the bride now waiting to enter and going through the prep with the registra. I take this pause in the ceremony to get set up. Ask the groom to stand where they both will during the ceremony. Check he back of the camera and realise we now have lights in the room which are really orange looking in camera. Adjust the white balance and check again. I then notice the light thats entering the room from the window is now making have the shot blue from where I had just compensated for the room lights. So I could either go for half the shot orange, or half the shot blue. I did have another option, use flash and go against use of flash in the ceremonies. The camera would be set up for flash in the white balance and create a overall match of light.  That was it ceremony done.


Due to the problems before the ceremony the wedding was now running late. I am a firm believer that I should impose on the couples time as least as possible on the day as it should be shared with friends and family and not a pushy photographer that want to take picture after picture for themselves. I always talk with the couple and describe what I would like to do and how much time is involved and when,so they have an idea on how much time to spend with friends and family. When you do get time with the couple make it fast, think fast on what your doing with the shot, different angels different light, different poses. 

If the day doesn't go to plan, don't get flustered, don't show any stress or concern to the couple as you don't want to spoil the day for them. Adapt to timings and adapt what you can do within the time. Just remember its not about you taking loads of pictures. Its about the couple and your just there to document it as much as possible and to make the wedding look as stunning as you possible can, capturing peoples emotions, details of the wedding and who's attended. In 30 years time the couple can look back at all that and re live the day. You wouldn't like them to look back at just posed pictures of themselves, with no interaction with family and friends.

Nathan Marshall Photography

Nathan Marshall Photography

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