What makes a good Photographer

What makes a good photographer?


Recently I have been thinking, “what makes a good photographer”. With the introduction of digital cameras and DSLRs becoming more widely available for a good affordable price, and recently with the IPhone cameras. More and more people are saying that they are photographers, creating photography blogs and Facebook pages. So what does being a photographer mean? The word photographer means ” a person who takes photographs or studies photography” so anyone who posts a page on FB displaying photos they have taken and calls it Jo Bloggs photography, is a photographer.

But what makes you a good photographer?

In my opinion a good photographer is able to produce a number of images that are liked by others.A good photographer should be able to imagine the final image before pressing the shutter.A good photographer should be able to know how to get that image they imagine by understanding the equipment they have,A good photographer should be creative. You see so many pictures shot with a attractive girl and a bit of bokeh as a background. The problem with these shots is that not much thought has gone into the production. It was just a case of she is hot, wear this skimpy outfit and smile. 
You would probably Like the outcome of this type if shot as you will be looking at the attractive girl with very little on, but creatively it’s boring safe and averageA good photographer needs to be creative, needs to be different from others, they need the confidence and belief that what they want to do will work. They need to push what they know about techniques and understand what there camera is able to do, and most of all they need to enjoy what they do.So although you call yourself a good photographer, ask yourself all of the above and be honest with yourself.Push what you know, be creative, be different , take risks, enjoy what you do.

Lorraine and Dylans ES

Lorraine and Dylans ES