Hi , so where do I start? Firstly I am not going to tell you about my self as a third person. I grew up in Marshfield which is just outside Cardiff. Went to school at Bassaleg Comp left sixth form to play for Cardiff City u18, got a part time job as a baker in the biggest retailer in the Uk, left the City to have nights out and play footy with my friends every Saturday. Stupid I know. Stayed at the retailers and made it up the ladder to night manager. I have 4, yes four amazing kids, 2 from previous relationship and two with my fiancee Kerry who also has two from previous. So between us we have 6 kids. Not as bad as you think tough.

Now for the bit where I tell you my deep photography journey.

I started running and walking in the Breacon Beacons mainly around Pen-y-fan. I was blown away by the scenery and wanted to share it with friends so I bought a small canon sx. That was it, hooked! photography became a religion to me. I started to look at every thing in a different way. It is an amazing art form, created by whats in front of you, and by how you interpret the scene. I had started watching hours and hours of Youtube videos then went deeper joining sites like Creative Live to fuel my habbit. I  completed a diploma in photography with the Photography Institute, bought my first DSLR and have never looked back.

I started shooting wedding as I was asked to shoot a friends friend wedding at the amazing Canda Lodge Lakes. I had heard horror stories of weddings and to be honest I was slightly bricking it. The wedding was so easy to shoot, the family where very supportive and friendly and the pictures came out well. Instantly I had fallen in love with wedding photography.

Now just a couple of years later, I have picked up regional finalist at the Welsh National Wedding Awards, published several times in local and national wedding magazines, had a wedding shortlisted for wedding of the year in "your south wales wedding magazine"2015 and 2 shortlisted for 2016.

So thats me. Now its your turn, get in touch and let me know if I can help you either with photographing your wedding or kids portraits or just helping you out with any photography.